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Terms and conditions

The website (hereinafter "Site") and its content were created and will be governed by current Portuguese legislation. If the user of the Site, whether registered or not (hereinafter "User"), does not accept, in whole or in part, the terms and conditions set out below, he or she must immediately stop browsing and consulting the Site.
These conditions define the general conditions of sale, established between Loja Online Casa das Peles and the User, such as: access to the website, the act of placing an order, the payment method and the delivery conditions of the products.

  • Placing the Order in the Website’s online store

    To make a purchase through our Online Store, you must first register as a customer.

    After registering, you may place your order by selecting the item(s) you wish to purchase. Please follow all the steps outlined on the site to finish placing your order.

    When you validate your purchase online, you are indicating that you have read and accept the general conditions of purchase and use of the web site. The details recorded through the web site are proof of the transactions made between you and Casa das Peles.

    Casa das Peles reserves the right to amend any description, image or other information on the Online Store catalogue without notice.
  • Product Availability

    Items on sale through the Online Store are subject to stock and orders are processed in the order in which they are received. In the event that the Store is temporarily or permanently out of stock of an item, you will be notified and we will suggest alternative products with similar features; you will also have the option of receiving a refund.
  • Pricing

    Prices shown are in Euros (€) and include VAT at the current rate. All prices in the Online Store may be changed without notice and are always subject to availability.

    Special offers available through the Online Store are not available at Casa das Peles physical stores.

  • Shipping Costs

    Postage and packaging costs are calculated based on the type of service, the weight of the items, the destination and the total order value. The total is shown in your shopping basket before you make final confirmation of your order.
  • Payment method

    The Online Store accepts the following payment types: Multibanco, PayPal, credit card and MBway.

    You have 48 hours in which to make payment after your order has been received by us. If you do not make a payment in this time, your order will be canclled.

    When you choose to pay using Multibanco, you will receive an email with details of how to pay using a Multibanco ATM or your home banking service.

    If you choose PayPal, payment is made through your PayPal account at the time the order is placed.

    The Online Store does not offer payment on delivery as a payment method.

    We will do our utmost to ensure that the details you send us via the Internet are kept confidential and secure.
  • Delivery

    Orders are sent only after stock has been checked and payment confirmed.

    Orders are send to the address you provide and are delivered during the carrier's operating times.

    Home delivery cannot be made to PO boxes. Orders can be delivered to an overseas address as long as the address is covered by the carrier.

    Casa das Peles will endeavour to deliver orders as quickly as possible regardless of the type of delivery service selected.

    Please check your order once you receive it. If there is anything wrong with your order, or if the packaging is damaged, please return it to the carrier, indicate the reason on the delivery note, and tell us immediately.

    All orders sent to addresses outside mainland Portugal are accompanied by a simplified delivery note.
  • Delivery to a Store

    If you wish to pick up your Online Store order from one of our physical stores, delivery is free unless you are picking up from an Outlet store.

    You have 7 days in which to pick up you order after the store has been in touch with you. If you do not pick up your order within that time, the order will be returned to the warehouse and you will be notified. The expenses related to returning the order to the warehouse will be charged to you.

  • Cancellations, Returns and Complaints

    You can cancel an order as long as we have not yet processed it. To cancel your order, please send an email to or use the form available on our web site for order cancellations. You should include your order number and your tax identification number, otherwise your cancellation cannot be processed.

    You have 14 days from the date of receipt of your order in which to return the item. During this time, you may also make a complaint if the item is defective or not as described.

    To make a complaint, please send an email to ecommerce@casadaspeles.ptor use the form available on our web site. When making your complaint, please indicate clearly the reason for your complaint and include the order number and your tax identification number.

    The site support team will be in touch with you and agree how the item is to be returned, in the event that a return is necessary. In such cases, we will cover the cost of the return and the cost of a new delivery.

    In the event that the item is to be returned, but not chargeable to us, the return shall be accepted after the item(s) packaging is (are) inspected and found to be in good condition. After this, the amount you have paid will be refunded to you, minus the cost of delivery (even if those costs have been covered by us) and the costs of making the return, in line with the amounts shown in point 4 of this document.

    Casa das Peles reserves the right to refuse a returned order if the return has not been previously notified as instructed above and if the item is not in the same condition as it was when delivered to you (namely, items that have been worn, that have been altered in any way and/or are missing original packaging/accessories) and if tags have been removed.

  • Warnings

    Notice on the content of the Site
    The Site is owned and/or operated by or on behalf of Casa das Peles Confecções, SA., NIPC 502 036 761, with share capital of € 2,500,000, with registered office at Rua de Moscavide, Edifício Farol do Oriente, Jardim dos Jacarandás, Loja n.º 5, Lote 4.28.02 - Bloco B, 1990 - 237 Lisboa, (hereinafter "Casa das Peles"), which manages the respective contents at its sole discretion, within the limits of the law, reserving the right to modify, suspend or cancel them, without prior notice, as well as these applicable terms and conditions.

    Warnings regarding access to and use of the contents of the Site and exemption from liability for damages
    Casa das Peles guarantees that the Site has been created and is managed, as far as possible, through the application of appropriate techniques and tools to ensure correct and continuous operation and navigation. However, even with regard to the current state of knowledge and technology, Casa das Peles cannot disregard the occurrence of malfunctions and/or defects in the transmission of content. Consequently, by entering the Site, the User agrees and accepts the following:
    the Site or any part of it may be temporarily inaccessible due to malfunction and/or connection defects or events beyond the control of Casa das Peles.
    Casa das Peles, unless expressly stated otherwise, has no control over the nature or content of the information transmitted by programs or received by the User when using the Site, nor shall it be attributed in any way to the use of the Site;
    Casa das Peles is not responsible for the material used and/or the conduct required of Users while browsing the Site;
    Casa das Peles assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to the transmission of viruses from the User's computer or in any way with regard to content originating from third parties.
    Access to the Casa das Peles online store is free of charge and does not require prior subscription or registration by the User.

    By accessing the Site, the User undertakes to:
    not use the Site or any published material to pursue illegal or illicit purposes, or as a means to disseminate or distribute in any way, pre-ordered material or content, or to pursue illegal activities;
    not to use the Site in such a way as to interrupt, damage or render less efficient part or all of it or to impair in any way the effectiveness or functionality of the Site itself;
    not use the Site to transmit or post viruses or any other defamatory, abusive, obscene or threatening material, or which in any way may cause discomfort, annoyance or injury;
    not to use the Site in such a way as to constitute a breach of rules relating to persons or companies (including, but not limited to, copyright or confidentiality);
    not use the Site to transmit any material for advertising and/or promotional purposes without prior written authorization from Casa das Peles.

  • Hyperlinks

    Access to and availability of services. Links to third-party sites
    The Site may contain links to other locations or websites. Casa das Peles is not responsible for the accessibility and/or availability of these external resources to its Site or its content. In the event of such problems, the User is advised to contact the respective administrator or webmaster.
    Casa das Peles reserves the right to modify the information, services, products and other content present on the Site, or to close this Site at any time without prior notice.
    Casa das Peles is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in any way connected with the use and operation of the Site (including the interruption of access to the Site due to acts or facts attributable to third parties, for technical reasons or inefficiency, or for any other reasons not attributable to Casa das Peles). This exclusion of liability includes, without limitation, damages for loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of business information, other pecuniary losses.

    Rules for creating links to the site and/or other third-party sites
    Users and third parties are not permitted to create links to this Site without prior written authorization from Casa das Peles. In any case and at any time, Casa das Peles reserves the right to request the removal of links to this Site.
    This Site may contain links to external sites and/or sites owned by third parties. Casa das Peles is not responsible for the content of these external sites, nor does it guarantee their correct operation in any way.
    The presence and inclusion of any link on this Site does not imply any transfer or endorsement of the content of the referenced site by Casa das Peles. In such cases, the User must be aware of and comply with the terms of use applicable to such third-party sites. Likewise, any activation links to this site, even if authorized by Casa das Peles, do not imply any endorsement by Casa das Peles of the content on the linking site, nor any derogation from these Terms and Conditions.

  • Sale conditions

    Placing an Order in the Site's Online Shop
    To make a purchase through the Site's online store, the User must register as a customer.
    Once registered, the User can place their order by selecting the products they want. They must follow all the steps described therein in order for the order to be completed successfully.
    Validation of the purchase order presupposes that the User has read and accepts the general conditions for contracting and using the Site. The data recorded on the Site constitutes proof of all the transactions carried out between Casa das Peles and the User.
    Casa das Peles reserves the right to change any description, image or other information in the online store catalog without prior notice.

    Product availability
    Items for sale in the Site's online store are subject to existing stock and orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of a temporary or permanent out of stock, the User will be duly notified and an alternative of products with similar characteristics will be suggested.

    Product prices are indicated in € (euros) and include VAT at the legal rate in force. All prices available in the store can be changed without prior notice and are always subject to stock shortages.
    Promotions on sale through the website's online store are not applied in Casa das Pelas' physical stores.

    Shipping costs
    Shipping costs are calculated according to the type of service, the weight of the products, the destination and the total value of the order. This amount is indicated in the shopping cart before final validation of the order.

    Payment methods
    The Site's online store offers the User the following payment methods: Multibanco, Paypal, Credit Card and MBway.
    After receiving the order details, the User has 48 hours to make the payment. If they do not pay within this period, the order will be canceled.
    If you choose to pay by ATM, you will receive an e-mail with details of how to pay at an ATM or Homebanking service.
    In the case of payment by Paypal, the debit will be made to the User's customer account when the order is dispatched.
    The payment method defined as cash on delivery is not available in the Site's Online Shop.
    Casa das Peles will use its best efforts to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security for data transmitted over the Internet.

    Orders will only be shipped after confirmation of stock and payment.
    Orders will be delivered to the address indicated by the User and in accordance with the carrier's delivery times.
    Home delivery cannot be made to PO boxes. Orders can be delivered abroad as long as the address falls within the carrier's delivery area.
    Casa das Peles undertakes to deliver the items ordered as soon as possible, without prejudice to the type of delivery service contracted by the User.
    All orders dispatched by Casa das Peles must be examined by the User upon receipt. If any irregularity or damage to the product is detected, the User must return it to the carrier, justify the reason for the return on the delivery note and inform Casa das Peles immediately.
    All shipments outside mainland Portugal are accompanied by a DAS (Simplified Accompanying Document).

    Store delivery
    If the User wishes to pick up the product ordered from the Site's online store at one of Casa das Peles' physical stores, delivery is free of charge.
    The User has 7 days after contacting the store to pick up the order. If you do not pick up your order within the specified period, it will be returned to the central warehouse and you will be informed. The costs of transporting the order back to the central warehouse will be borne by the Customer.

    Cancellations, Returns and Complaints
    The User may withdraw from the order, as long as it has not yet been processed by Casa das Peles. You can withdraw from the order by sending an email to or by using the form available on the website for this purpose. The User must mention the order number and their tax identification number, otherwise the withdrawal will be ineffective.
    The User may return the product within 30 days of receiving it. Within the same period, the User may complain about any defects or inadequacy of the product in relation to that ordered, for which Casa das Peles is responsible.
    To this end, the complaint must be formalized using the form available on the Website for this purpose or by email sent to In the complaint, the User must expressly state the reasons for their complaint, always mentioning the order number and their tax identification number.

    The Site's support team will coordinate with the User on how to return the goods, should this be justified, in which case Casa das Peles will bear the cost of returning the goods and the cost of a new delivery.

    In situations where the reasons for the return are not the responsibility of Casa das Pelas, the return will be accepted, after checking the good condition of the returned items and their packaging, and the amount paid by the User will be refunded, minus the delivery transportation costs (even if these have been assumed by Casa das Peles) and the return transportation costs, in accordance with the values defined in point 4 of this document.
    As a result, Casa das Peles reserves the right not to accept returns of products without prior notice, as mentioned above, and which do not meet the same conditions of conformity as on the date of delivery to the User (namely products which have undergone any type of use, transformation, damage and/or lack of original packaging/accessories/complements).

  • Privacy policy and protection of personal data

    The data collected in the Site's online store is intended for processing orders and communicating with Users, requests for information, statistical analysis, as well as its use for direct marketing purposes.
    The User authorizes Casa das Peles to send information about products and services that may be of interest to them using their personal data for direct marketing purposes through any communication channel, namely through the use of e-mail, SMS, MMS or other forms of automatic call.
    Casa das Peles guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers.
    All Users have the right to access, rectify, cancel and object to their data. If you wish, at any time, to stop being part of the Casa das Peles database, you can exercise this right by contacting
    Any personal data collected by Casa das Peles through the Site will be processed in accordance with current legislation.
  • Applicable Law and Competent Forum

    These Website Terms and Conditions are governed by applicable Portuguese law.
    The parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District of the registered office of Casa das Peles, with express waiver of any other, any disputes arising from the interpretation and/or application of these Terms and Conditions, the amicable settlement of which cannot be achieved.
    By using the Site's online store, the User accepts and agrees to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.